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Story Submissions
 Beyond Investigation Forum : Story Submissions
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Pat EiC
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Posted: 22/January/2006 at 12:34pm | IP Logged ***Hi Spider***


Another submission by T. Stokes....


By T Stokes “Britain’s psychic agony uncle”

( first published in abbreviated form in psychic world monthly December 2003 )

The use and abuse of psychics and sensitives by both open government and anonymous research establishments which are secretly government funded, and often allied to the military, is a real morality problem area for psychics,

England’s Porton Down research base, and the M.O.D have carried out horrific experiments on people and animals, including captured German soldiers in W.W.II

Mainly at the Kensington Gdns depot known in intelligence circles as the “cage”

this has since precluded assistance by many top psychic practitioners.

I have personal knowledge of live pigs being used some years ago, to test the virulence of rifle shots, as pigs have a similar strike reaction to bullets, as humans,

 Horses are said to have been used in the past.

The metropolitan police have told me privately that after a high priority murder,

They are usually contacted by up to 200calls from what they refer in a 30 year old document in my possession as,

 “ tea leaf readers, psychic quacks, granny channellers, spiritist mediums and crank U.F.O sighters.

Yet the facts are, when stumped the police do contact mediums and other psychics for help, some like Peter Hurkos and Gerard Croiset, did almost nothing but police work.

I could name several high level psychic practitioners working in the force today.

My main gripe is that they hide behind the official secrets act and tell you nothing,

and say as all is on a “need to know basis, and you do not need to know”  and are told nothing about the research that you will be involved in, which may be very unpalatable and spiritually indigestible for many psychics, how I found out about this was by hiding in the car park and making notes of car numbers and contacting the other psychics and comparing notes, only by this method could I put the pieces of the jigsaw together.

To any psychics considering breaking the official secrets act, and speaking out, the penalties are very severe, and the repercussions will involve your whole family,

At very least expect your letters to be opened and read, and your phone messages listened to, and visitors to your home monitored, and your name will go onto various blacklists, especially those involving other government departments, preventing employment and meaning a whole database with everything known about you in truth and often unpleasant rumour, from all sources including your medical files and bank accounts, will be held over your head.

This is technically known as “collating evidence” and it is the job of a Collator to put together truth and rumour, and form a log or record to act as a silent persuader.

  One day I may tell of what I went through, it only stopped when I threatened them I would expose all that I knew about them.

Be suspicious of any would be psychics stories in these realms, they are quite probably official disinformation, for instance a lot of people who claim they were trained as government psychic spies, are usually telling “porky-pies”

 Strangely the tame psychologists who rubbish the psychic arts on the T.V are often the very people who push you harder and harder during tests, one girl had a serious mental breakdown from the bullying psychologist tutors.

The problem with psychologists is that they understand psychology, but are generally quite ignorant in the psychic arenas.

While it is true that the police are better educated in these areas than 30 years ago when I did the bulk of my government work, in fact in my own front room I taught M.I.6 operatives a method of astral projection that was far superior to that which they used, and developed from the W.W.II “Black-team” operations techniques.

However, the police attitude is still largely very unhelpful, in one case they were dancing round with tea towels over their heads, making ghostly wailing noises at us and flicking a wet wash up brush, I am myself a practical joker but they can go too far, constantly making fun, and I said I would walk out if it continued, to be informed very sternly that as I had signed the official secrets act, I could say nothing about it to anyone or they could make life very difficult for me, and to just put up with it.

The occult writer Dennis Wheatley was part of an occult team during W.W.II

And says in his books that;

“The British used every psychic and occult means possible against the axis forces”,

 Louis De Whol the astrologer was team head, and it was on the huge batch of original British data, centralised in the 1960’s and recently shredded by Tony Blair on which the United States built their psychic teams.

Frank Hyde the London psychic trained by the late Muriel Bennett, had amazing security clearance at the American embassy in London, and was linked to the space shots, the Russians stopping him in my hearing, offered him anything he desired for his American knowledge, which he flatly refused.

Soviet defectors have brought with them copies of the in-house K.G.B magazine  “Sbornik”, which tells of Directorate one and the use of soviet psychics, trained to mentally intercept American submarine intell traffic, this is not just theory either, as acknowledged by Ronald Reagan.

China and Israel are now way ahead in the “psy-wars” by far.

 Some years ago I befriended a chap who travelled round with a racing drivers team, and advised on meditation, de-stressing  and diet, to maximise track performance in the cars, so taking a leaf from his book I worked out an exercise routine, with yoga,  meditation, concentration and visualisation, plus a vegetarian diet  which over a period of time, would amplify performance and psychic ability,

And the results amazed me.

 I have taken great care with this article not to expose military psychic tradecraft, endanger anyone, or jeopardise operational procedures, or put at risk any ongoing defence work.

Yours faithfully T Stokes paranormal studies lecturer copyright 2005

Taking a scientific approach to investigate the paranormal.
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  ***Hi Spider******Hi Spider***
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